BTS Star RM Has A Heartfelt Message For BTS Fans

BTS Star RM Has A Heartfelt Message For BTS Fans

BTS leader Kim Namjoon aka RM (Rap Monster) recently reflected on his life in a lengthy yet heartwarming letter addressed to fans

the globe. He shared his thoughts on Weverse (Korea’s Twitter) articulating what he’s feeling at the moment, while also looking back at BTS’ debut 10 years ago in retrospect.

RM explained these days he’s been trying to discover his real self all while striving hard to live in the present. In addition to this, he often gets curious if his fandom is doing alright

I’m often curious. About your regards, thoughts, sadness, hope, and despair, what you believe in now, what you want to believe in, what you are chasing,

He asserts there are times when he feels endlessly happy and sad, and there are times he gets embarrassed watching his past videos. “Sometimes I’m confident and then I’m not,” the rapper-dancer added.

He hinted about his impending enlistment in the military, “To be honest, I am curious and a bit scared about what it’ll be like when I go and come back.” RM notes how time flies quickly and with that comes changes

he continued. Rather than hanging on to it, he wants to strive hard to achieve it believing love will come naturally.

He wants his well-wishes to look after themselves, “Be careful of the rain! Be careful not to catch a cold! When you’re about to forget I’ll be right back. Stay healthy